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Fairview, New Jersey, Probate Administration Lawyer

Many people who have been named executor or administrator of a person’s will and/or estate may be unfamiliar with their legal duties and responsibilities during the probate process. At the law office of John H. Anlian, Attorney at Law, we provide effective and efficient representation to executors, administrators and personal representatives left with the task of settling the final affairs of a decedent’s estate. We also represent the heirs and next of kin of those who have died without a last will and testament.

Have you been named as the executor or administrator of a will and would like some type of legal assistance? Has your loved one failed to leave a will and left you to manage their estate? Please contact our firm today to arrange your consultation.

Helping Executors And Administrators With Probate Administration

Mr. Anlian has been helping executors, administrators and personal representatives in probate administration matters since 1977. He has an in-depth knowledge of New Jersey law and how it relates to the probate process. This knowledge, in turn, can help ensure that executors or administrators enjoy a seamless probate administration and fully meet their duties. Our firm represents executors or administrators who live in New Jersey, as well as those who live out of state and are settling the affairs of a family member, friend or other loved one who lived in New Jersey.

Executors and administrators are responsible for probate administration tasks that include:

  • Marshalling the decedent’s assets
  • Paying creditors
  • Collecting debts
  • Filing and paying estate taxes
  • Distributing property and assets to beneficiaries

The probate process can prove to be lengthy and complicated. However, with the help of an experienced attorney, you can rest assured that all of your responsibilities will be met.

Probate Litigation

Various disputes can arise during the probate of a will. For example, will disputes between beneficiaries can arise over such issues as postmortem trusts, breach of fiduciary duty and allegations of undue influence. Our firm provides seasoned probate litigation services for clients either challenging or defending a will or other estate planning tool.

Please contact our firm today to discuss your probate needs by calling 201-942-5002 or filling out the online contact form.