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Fairview, New Jersey, Adoption Lawyer

At the law office of John H. Anlian, Attorney at Law , Attorney at Law, we provide comprehensive representation in many areas of family law. This includes assisting clients with adoption, paternity issues, Division of Youth and Family Services (DYFS) cases and domestic violence concerns, among others. Our firm takes great pride in providing practical and accessible service to clients during these otherwise difficult times. No matter the situation, we are always devoted to protecting our clients’ rights and best interests.

Do you have a family law need related to adoption, paternity, domestic violence or other issues? Please contact our firm today to arrange your consultation.

Comprehensive Family Law Services

Our attorney, John Anlian, has been helping clients with various family law issues since 1977 and is consistently committed to their welfare. He understands that family law issues can be difficult and, because of this, personally handles all of his clients’ cases, so that he can answer their questions and fully address their concerns.

Please contact our firm for legal assistance with the following family law matters:

  • Adoption – Our firm helps families come together through various types of adoption, including private adoptions and step-parent adoptions.
  • Annulment – We provide legal representation to individuals who are interested in having their marriage annulled. An annulment is a court proceeding which treats a marriage as if it never happened.
  • Paternity – Our firm provides representation in various paternity matters involving child custody and child support disputes.
  • DYFS cases – The Department of Youth and Family Services (DYFS) becomes involved when child abuse and/or neglect is suspected on the part of parents. Our firm represents parents who have been accused of abuse/neglect by the DYFS and also helps grandparents and other concerned relatives obtain temporary custody of children.
  • Domestic violence – We represent victims of domestic violence, as well as those who have been accused of domestic violence. We can help domestic violence victims acquire a restraining order.