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Fairview, New Jersey, Land Use And Zoning Lawyer

At the law office of John H. Anlian, Attorney at Law , Attorney at Law, we have been assisting both developers and homeowners with various land use and zoning issues since 1977. Attorney John Anlian has a comprehensive knowledge of residential and commercial real estate which extends to this technical—and sometimes political—area of law.

For help with land use and zoning issues, contact our firm today to arrange your consultation.

Representation Before Zoning Boards Of Adjustment Or Planning Boards

All municipalities in New Jersey have Zoning Boards of Adjustment or Planning Boards. These boards hear and decide upon requests for permits, as well as appeals of their earlier decisions. In essence, they have the power to grant variances that depart from land use and zoning regulations.

Our firm provides practical legal help to individuals and entities interested in applying for permits, as well as those who have been initially denied variances. We also regularly represent clients with the following issues:

  • Zoning ordinances
  • District regulations
  • Site plan reviews
  • Permit applications
  • Property easements
  • Boundary disputes

Representation In Municipal Court

Our firm also provides effective Municipal Court representation to residential and commercial property owners. Frequently, this Municipal Court representation involves housing code violations of multi-family dwellings or subsidized properties.

We represent both commercial and residential real estate clients. Whether you are faced with a land use or zoning issue involving a new subdivision or an existing property, we can help. Please contact our firm today to learn more by calling 201-942-5002 or filling out the online contact form.